Change Your Life With The Right Color

Appreciate the sentimental value of color with Amcos…

Over 13 years, since its inception in 2002, people have trusted Amcos Paints to make their homes and offices look refreshingly new, everyday. We’ve enabled them with coatings they need to keep their topmost assest – home, a colorful part of life. For most of them, it all begun with the right color. As a trusted partner who appreciates the sentimental value of color for all our customers since 2002, we have helped thousands of customers connect to the power of color – we can do it for you, too. We can help you find your perfect fit. If you don’t understand the right color that can change everything for you, we are here to help walk-in or call up the nearest Amcos dealer, they will love to walk you through it.

Exterior Solutions

Give your home the new look with Amcos Exterior solutions with a long lasting film


Interior Solutions

Give a shiny new look to your home interiors with a range of Interior Paints from Amcos.


Wood/Metal Coats

Anti corrossive epoxy primer coatings and semi gloss paints for wood, metal, steel & casting


Amcos Coating Solutions