It’s our responsibility to manufacture & distribute high quality Paints & related products in accordance with the customer satisfaction. It’s our duty to maintain the credibility of our products among our customers by delivering high quality products within affordable rates. For the realization of our Mission, we have to work hard and do researches on the novel ideas and needs of customers in accordance with the change of time; so as to deliver new products which ensure high quality & Customer satisfaction.


It’s our vision to become a market leader in South Indian Paint industry by ensuring customer satisfaction through our hard work which stands for the manufacturing of high quality products and to make them available for our customers; on or within 2 days of demand. For this, we work for a 35% increase in Production & Distribution and also introduce 4 new products in the market per year so as to multiply the number of customers.

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With the successful beginning in 2002, AMCOS Paints stood firmly for delivering high quality products with the help of advanced technology at the early stage itself. Our focus was solely on doing researches through which we could introduce an art of producing quality assured Paints in order to build safer, better, sustainable and healthier coating solutions.

With the unique approach and great vision of our Chairman and Managing Director, we’ve created a great space in the paint market. We became a trusted brand among customers, dealers and vendors by adapting changes in the market and thus delivering quality products.

We started with a very small unit at Cheranallur, Kochi and later moved to IDA Edayar, Kochi with a better manufacturing facility. We started a new Plant in Mavelikkara in 2005 so as to meet the market demand. To meet the market potential, a dedicated solvent based Plant will be started at Palakkad soon.To increase the market share and to expand our business to other States, a new manufacturing facility will be started in Kannur in the next financial year.

At AMCOS Paints, we believe in delivering high quality &Eco friendly products developed through our own unique technology and thereby gaining Customer satisfaction and their happiness!