Amcos Products - Water Proofing

AMCOS MAX SHIELD is an elastomeric waterproofing system for roofs and terraces. It is a modified acrylic blend system provides water proofing and the white reflective coating helps to reduce the heat effectively. AMCOS MAX SHIELD CERAMIC EMULSION in combination with MAX SHIELD REPELLER MAT would give better water proofing and reinforcing to the roof and the terrace. AMCOS MAX SHIELD CERAMIC EMULSION is only recommended for well drained roof surfaces

AMCOS LEAK STOPPER is an elastomeric coating specially designed for terrace water proofing. This white coating will act as a heat reflective one thus reduces the heat inside the room and it will prevent algal formation in terrace. AMCOS LEAK STOPPER can be applied in different surfaces like cement roofing, Asbestoses roofing, Parapet walls, Exterior walls etc. The elongation property of AMCOS LEAK STOPPER will prevent further crack development thus protects the surface for long time.

AMCOS MASTER SEAL is an innovative product for crack free walls. The highly flexible product will bridge the cracks and avoids further crack widening. AMCOS MASTER SEAL is a water resistant coating so the filled cracks will not allow the water to penetrate. The product is designed to apply on any absorbent surfaces. AMCOS MASTER SEAL having very low shrinkage thus the cracks will not appear after top coating the surface