Amcos Products - Specialty Products

A water based Ultrafine PU coating for interior-exterior floor, pavement and ceiling tiles. Formulated with high performance additives to assure excellent durability superior hardness. It has effective antifungal properties and excellent UV, water and chemical resistance.

AMCOS MAX SHIELD is an elastomeric waterproofing system for roofs and terraces. It is a modified acrylic blend system provides water proofing and the white reflective coating helps to reduce the heat effectively. AMCOS MAX SHIELD CERAMIC EMULSION in combination with MAX SHIELD REPELLER MAT would give better water proofing and reinforcing to the roof and the terrace. AMCOS MAX SHIELD CERAMIC EMULSION is only recommended for well drained roof surfaces

100% acrylic elastomeric premium coating for roof tiles. It is formulated with excellentquality additives for long life. It has excellent UV, water, and fungal resistances. It is an apt product for all climatic conditions.

A specially designed water based clear coat with excellent penetration capacity to act as a sealer on plastered surface by effectively preventing efflorescence. Also assures better coverage andbetter finish to the topcoat on both interior and exterior surfaces.

AMCOS SEAL AND FILL is based on a unique formula having fiber, high performance elastomeric polymer and white cement. It provides excellent adhesion to the surface and is designed as a shrinkage free product. AMCOS SEAL AND FILL is a weatherproof and peel proof product and this can be used in interior and exterior surfaces.

A single pack, user friendly high performance epoxy coating. The innovative and modified formulation of AMCOS AM-POXY enhances the performance and protect the substrate from adverse climatic conditions.

A PU Enamel for Industrial as well as Decorative use. The product offers excellent UV resistance, high gloss and enhanced durability with characteristic of physical drying.

AMCOS F-POXY is a high performance single pack epoxy coating specially designed as floor coating. The F-POXY provides excellent gloss, great adhesion and superior durability. F-POXY is designed as a fast drying coating.  F-POXY can be used in corridors, Walkways and areas with light vehicle traffic.

An excellent clear coat designed for interior and exterior applications over black- stone, concrete, cementitious and laterite stone finish surfaces. It is transparent as water and resistant to discoloration even exposed to sun light or to ultraviolet light. It will protect the surface from the attack of algae, fungi, lichens etc.