Frequently Asked Questions

Here some of our clients doubts. You can ask your doubts either by email or you can contact us through phone also.

Emulsionsare acrylic based water thinnable paint used for decoration of walls.
Interior emulsions are designed to perform in interior atmosphere and will not be suitable for application in exterior surfaces. If it is applied in exterior, fast deterioration will happen and the decoration will be lost in very small duration.
Primer is an undercoat for paint. Primer provides excellent adhesion thus providing excellent durability for top coat.
AMCOS AM-POXY is a single pack epoxy coating which will prevent corrosion thus provides long life for structures.
AMCOS ODOLESS is a specially formulated high performance smooth interior emulsion with very low VOC. It is formulated with world class ecofriendly additives which will give better durability. ODOLESS is friendly to kids, allergic persons and is free from ammonia, heavy metals and major organic compounds causing VOC.
Amcos floor guard is a water based ultrafine polyurethane coating. It has superior hardness and having good water, chemical resistance and excellent UV resistance. It also has good antifungal properties
Surface preparation is one of the most important step in painting. The quality of surface preparation will determine the life of the coating. Many major paint complaints will not occur if the surface preparation is done in a proper way.
Water based paints means the medium used for manufacturing and thinning is water. For solvent base paints, the medium is hydrocarbon solvents like MTO, Xylene, etc.
AMCOS plaster sealer is a water based sealer specially designed with superior quality emulsion to provide excellent penetration and sealing of the plastered surface. Plaster sealer effectively prevent efflorescence. The sealing property give better finish and better coverage to the topcoat.
VOC means Volatile organic compounds.VOCs are solvents that get released into the air as the paint dries. This solvent vapours damage the air quality inside the room thus it makes the people uncomfortable.